Peppered Cottons; Checks, Plaids, Stripes and new colors!!!

Peppered Cottons Checks, Plaids, and Stripes.  Along with 15 NEW colors!!!
Available at Ladyfingers Sewing Studio!!!

Aug14PepFQB PepCkPldFQB

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It’s Back! Merry Go Round Lap Quilt Kit!


Merry Go Round Lap Quilt Kit
(Dimples Quilt Kit)

Quilt measures 79.5″x79.5″Merry go Round Lap Quilt
Ladyfingers Sewing Studio
6375 Oley Turnpike Road
Oley, PA 19547
Ph 610-689-0068

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Haberdashery by Jo Morton at Ladyfingers Sewing Studio!

Haberdashery by Jo Morton
at Ladyfingers Sewing Studio!

HaberFQB72dpi-A-7639-NK 72dpi-A-7640-K 72dpi-A-7640-N 72dpi-A-7641-K 72dpi-A-7641-N 72dpi-A-7642-K 72dpi-A-7642-N 72dpi-A-7643-K 72dpi-A-7643-N 72dpi-A-7644-K 72dpi-A-7644-N

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NEW “Summer Stroll” Quilt Kit!!!

NEW “Summer Stroll” Quilt Kit!!!
by Frond Design Studios

summerstrollwebquiltSTREET RAINBOW ROW - 115-04 THE BLUES - 115-04

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16 NEW Dimples colors, available August 2014!!!

We are VERY exited for 16 NEW Dimples colors by Ladyfingers Sewing Studio‘s owner, Gail Kessler!!! Available in August 2014!!!
Check them out here:
(plus the current 140+ colors of Dimples!)

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New Music fabric “Rhapsody” at Ladyfingers!

Rhapsody by Billie Davids

with Frond Design Studios available at Ladyfingers Sewing Studio

This new collection is dedicated to all the music artists out there.
Billie Davids combined her oil painting passion with a passion for music.

Go ahead, sit back and listen.

color_rhapsody__43851.1362623285.1280.1280 dueling_pianos__50607.1362623365.1280.1280 less_spyro__91191.1362624517.1280.1280 lesson_porter__25060.1362624424.1280.1280
theless_miles__14748.1362624330.1280.1280lesson_purple__79972.1362624287.1280.1280 lyric__89986.1362623451.1280.1280 music_grass__50211.1362623595.1280.1280 music_red__58958.1362623774.1280.1280 music_sun__36501.1362623915.1280.1280 music_tangledup__52075.1362624181.1280.1280

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Over 10 pages of Fabrics, Threads, Notions, and Books
ON SALE at Gail Kessler’s Ladyfingers Sewing Studio!



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