16 NEW Dimples Colors now available!!!

Ladyfingers owner and Dimples creator, Gail Kessler, has come out with
16 NEW Dimples Colors and are available now!!!

GailNewDimplesatMarket2014 NewDimplesCardSept2014


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Peppered Cottons 2.5″ Strip Rolls!!!

We put our precision die cutter to work!  Here at Ladyfingers, we picked 20 great colors for each Peppered Cotton 2.5 inch strip pack!  You get 2 strips of each color, for a total of 40 strips per pack!!!  Awesome!!!
PepCotJRRnbwRainbow Peppered Cottons (above)

PepCotShoreJR“The beach” Shore Colored Peppered Cottons (above)

PepCotJREarthEarth Toned Peppered Cottons (above)


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“Notes to Self” Quilt Kit!

Make it for your music lover today!

Finished Size 54″ x 56″
Kit includes fabric for top and binding, also includes pattern!!!

NOTES TO SELF (539x700)


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Peppered Cottons; Checks, Plaids, Stripes and new colors!!!

Peppered Cottons Checks, Plaids, and Stripes.  Along with 15 NEW colors!!!
Available at Ladyfingers Sewing Studio!!!

Aug14PepFQB PepCkPldFQB


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It’s Back! Merry Go Round Lap Quilt Kit!


Merry Go Round Lap Quilt Kit
(Dimples Quilt Kit)

Quilt measures 79.5″x79.5″Merry go Round Lap Quilthttp://www.ladyfingerssewing.com
Ladyfingers Sewing Studio
6375 Oley Turnpike Road
Oley, PA 19547
Ph 610-689-0068

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Haberdashery by Jo Morton at Ladyfingers Sewing Studio!

Haberdashery by Jo Morton
at Ladyfingers Sewing Studio!

HaberFQB72dpi-A-7639-NK 72dpi-A-7640-K 72dpi-A-7640-N 72dpi-A-7641-K 72dpi-A-7641-N 72dpi-A-7642-K 72dpi-A-7642-N 72dpi-A-7643-K 72dpi-A-7643-N 72dpi-A-7644-K 72dpi-A-7644-N


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NEW “Summer Stroll” Quilt Kit!!!

NEW “Summer Stroll” Quilt Kit!!!
by Frond Design Studios

summerstrollwebquiltSTREET RAINBOW ROW - 115-04 THE BLUES - 115-04


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