NEW Full Bloom Block of the Month

Full Bloom Block of the Month
9 month program
$24.99 per month


Finished quilt size 80″ x 96″
Pattern sold separately $29.99

Click image to order, or us at 610-689-0068

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EQ Downton Abbey Table Runner Tutorial

I was recently featured on Electric Quilt’s Blog as one of their featured artists for December. As a free EQ download, my table runner project uses Andover’s Downton Abbey collection – perfect for dressing up your table for the upcoming season! I’ve promised a tutorial to help the sewing process along, so thread up your machine and let’s get started! Need a fabric kit just like mine? Click HERE!

EQDowntonAbbeyRunnerHere’s a picture of the finished table runner. It’s a generous 81″ x 21″, enough for a nice sized dining table. Of course, you can easily adjust the length to suit your setting by adding or eliminating the number of 15″ blocks.

First, assemble and cut your fabrics. I’ve chosen among the Downstairs, Lord & Lady, and Logos and Labels fabrics of the Downton Abbey Collection.

Here’s the block. I have five of them sewn together to make my runner. EQDowntonRunnerBlockFor EACH BLOCK, you’ll need:

two 4-5/8″ squares cut once on the diagonal to create four corner triangles. Mine are blue.


one 8- 3/4″ square cut twice on the diagonal to create four side triangles. I chose red.


one 5- 3/4″ square each of two red/white shirting fabrics and two blue/white shirting fabrics (four squares total for each block)

one 5 -3/4″  fussy cut center square of the Downton Abbey logo.

DAFussyNow, it’s time to sew the blocks!

First lay out the cut pieces in block formation.

EQDowntonRunnerBlockFollowing the break out below, you’ll be sewing diagonal rows to construct the 15″ finished block. So that’s 15 -1/2″ unfinished. Trim any dog ears and square up your block to measure 15 -1/2″

DADiagAfter sewing and pressing each block, sew the blocks together side by side to make your runner top. Now it’s time to add the borders. We’ll start with the skinny black accent border.

First, you’ll cut a black herringbone fabric strip 1″ x width of fabric (WOF). From this cut two 15- 1/2 strips. Sew a strip to each short end of your runner top.


Next, cut four strips 1″ x WOF from the black herringbone fabric to make the long side borders. Connect the ends of the strips with diagonal seams to make one long piece.

ConnectBlackStripTrim the seam, and press open.

Trim DiagSeamFrom this,  cut two lengths 76-1/2″ and sew to long sides of your runner top. Press.

Now on to the final border. Time to cut the grey Downton Abbey text fabric! First cut a strip 2 -1/2″ x WOF.  From this, cut two strips 16 -1/2″ long.

Subcut grey

Next, cut four more grey Downton Abbey text fabric strips 2- 1/2″ x WOF. Connect these with diagonal seams just like you did with the black skinny inner border to create one long piece. From this, cut two strips 76-1/2″. Sew these to each long side of the runner.

Now, cut six black herringbone strips 2-1/2″ x WOF. From one of these, cut four 2 -1/2″ squares. These will be the corner stones of the outer border. Sew one square to each end of the 16-1/2″ grey border strips. Press.


Then sew these to each end of your runner top. Congrats! Your Downton Abbey Table Runner top is complete!!


Use the rest of the 2-1/2″ black herringbone strips for the binding. To make the binding, sew ends together with diagonal seams, trim and press just like you did for the two borders. Next, fold the binding in half wrong sides together and press.

Next time, I’ll be showing you how I quilted my Downton Abbey Table Runner and attached the binding with a super special magic trick I learned from Ladyfingers superwoman Denise. Be sure to follow me and let me know how you are doing with your runner!

Need a fabric kit just like mine? Click HERE!


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16 NEW Dimples Colors now available!!!

Ladyfingers owner and Dimples creator, Gail Kessler, has come out with
16 NEW Dimples Colors and are available now!!!

GailNewDimplesatMarket2014 NewDimplesCardSept2014

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Peppered Cottons 2.5″ Strip Rolls!!!

We put our precision die cutter to work!  Here at Ladyfingers, we picked 20 great colors for each Peppered Cotton 2.5 inch strip pack!  You get 2 strips of each color, for a total of 40 strips per pack!!!  Awesome!!!
PepCotJRRnbwRainbow Peppered Cottons (above)

PepCotShoreJR“The beach” Shore Colored Peppered Cottons (above)

PepCotJREarthEarth Toned Peppered Cottons (above)

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“Notes to Self” Quilt Kit!

Make it for your music lover today!

Finished Size 54″ x 56″
Kit includes fabric for top and binding, also includes pattern!!!

NOTES TO SELF (539x700)

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Peppered Cottons; Checks, Plaids, Stripes and new colors!!!

Peppered Cottons Checks, Plaids, and Stripes.  Along with 15 NEW colors!!!
Available at Ladyfingers Sewing Studio!!!

Aug14PepFQB PepCkPldFQB

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It’s Back! Merry Go Round Lap Quilt Kit!


Merry Go Round Lap Quilt Kit
(Dimples Quilt Kit)

Quilt measures 79.5″x79.5″Merry go Round Lap Quilt
Ladyfingers Sewing Studio
6375 Oley Turnpike Road
Oley, PA 19547
Ph 610-689-0068

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